Labradorite Mala



Labradorite is excellent for awakening knowledge of inner spirit, intuition and the awareness of ones innate magical powers. It is a potent protector and strengthens our own natural sense of power. It is known to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

This simple awakening and powerful mala is finished with a Rudruksha Guru Bead and a handmade tassel.


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Each mala is hand-knotted with 108 beads gemstone beads.  This Mala necklace is made with smaller 7mm beads. Mala Necklaces hang to approximately 300mm – a length of 600mm .  All metals beads are lead free and this Mala is finished with a lead-free silver-plated pewter bead. Live light Mala Necklaces are individually handmade with love and intention in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa.

Due to the use of natural stones in construction of products, size and colors may vary with each piece. We use only natural gemstones in the construction of our products.

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 1 cm


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