Live light started with the desire to make products for myself that I couldn’t find locally.  The result was the rekindling of the long-lost joy of producing something and the satisfaction that comes when operating from the state of pure creativity. I realized that I had stifled my innate creativity somewhere along the line – perhaps because day to day work life is quite prohibitive to creative living, perhaps out of fear and self-judgement, or maybe even simple laziness (the kind that we get that stops us from doing that which is most beneficial to us). I realized I had felt that if I was not making something brilliant, original and somewhat of a masterpiece, that I didn’t deserve to be creating at all.  What could I offer the world at this stage?

No doubt it was the fact that I have been practicing yoga and meditation for some time now that allowed me to set aside the boring old fears and simply enjoy each piece I created for what it was.  I worked at remaining present and enjoying each step of the creation of our business products. The only goal was to create something I enjoyed and something that was made with love and care.

The wonderful sense of co-creation is the most rewarding thing that has come out of the creation of Live Light.  My life so far afforded me with all the skills I needed to be where we are today and the rest of the pieces were put in place by friends that are passionate about their own art.  I adore my very professional product images shot by Bruce – IT specialist by day and photographer extraordinaire by night.  My Great Lakes surf buddy and fellow adventurer Jack Flynn designed my logo – coming to my rescue at the last minute. Jack paints the kind of paintings I want to put up on every wall in my house.

The universe nudged me to create Live Light and in doing so sent me the world of support and talent to help me do so.


In 2023 Kerry decided to go on a little adventure and travel for a few months. It seemed time to pass the baton on to Gail and to bring fresh energy and ideas into the business. Gail is extremely talented with her hands and loves to create. This business is the perfect outlet for her creative talent. She is also becoming certified in crystal healing. With this transition, all our products are now made with love and care in Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa.