Dainty Amazonite & Carnelian Bracelet


Hope & Creativity

This dainty bracelet combines the cool blue of Amazonite with the fiery red and orange tones of Carnelian.  Amazonite is known to filter out stress and help heal trauma and balance your energy.  While Carnelian boosts confidence and encourages true and honest expression.  A beautiful combination to balance  our masculine and feminine energies.

 Bracelet is strung on strong stretch cord and finished with a sterling silver bead. Handmade in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa.

Due to the use of natural stones in construction of products, size and colors may vary with each piece. We use only natural gemstones in the construction of our products and finished with a sterling silver bead.

Bracelets measure approximately:

  • Small – 175mm
  • Medium – 185mm
  • Large – 200mm

Medium size bracelets fit the majority of our customers.


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