Capricorn Bracelet


Wisdom of Capricorn

You know how to achieve your goals and forge a unique path through life. You can rely on your own inner strength and will.

Sodalite * Smoky Quartz * Lapis Lazuli *

The stones in this bracelet are carefully selected for Capricorn.  Sodalite encourages rational thought while enhancing our intuition. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of wisdom. Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding and cleansing stone.

Bracelet is  strung on strong stretch cord and finished with sterling silver beads and a stainless Capricorn charm with 6mm all-natural gemstones. Due to the use of natural stones in construction of products, size and colors may vary with each piece. We use only natural gemstones in the construction of our products.

Bracelets measure approximately:

  • Small – 175mm
  • Medium – 185mm
  • Large – 200mm

Medium size bracelets fit the majority of our customers.